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Enterprise culture必赢亚洲网上娱乐在线登录

ENN mission必赢亚洲网上娱乐网址二维码

Creating modern energy system and improving living standard of people

ENN vision必赢亚洲网上娱乐地址登录

To become a respected innovative and intelligent enterprise

ENN value必赢亚洲网上娱乐

Sticking to conscience, pursuing self-driven, succeeding in data and taking delight in sharing

ENN philosophy必赢亚洲网上娱乐平台

Deriving from customers, accomplishing each other, creating ecology jointly

ENN EC industrial spirit必赢亚洲网上娱乐ios娱乐

Teamwork, practice, hard work, difficulty overcoming, continuous innovation, excellence

Symbol culture必赢亚洲网上娱乐软件客户端

ENN has adopted the elephant as its symbol, to embody integrity, strength, steadfastness, keen awareness, team spirit and harmony with nature.

Character of Snow Lotus必赢亚洲网上娱乐手机

ENN requires its employees to act like the snow lotus in high mountain: treasure oneself, be persistent and make efforts.